Just Putting It Out There…..Free summer camp for kids!


Cuyahoga County - Public Library

It’s that time of year again!  And we parents, are asking ourselves…”What to do with our children for the summer?”

We want them enjoy fun and memorable activities.   We want those activities to be educational but also engage them.   And if possible, we would like those activities to be FREE!

So I have begun the hunt!  One of the first places I go to is my county library! They offer a host of services and activities throughout the year for children, but especially in the summer, when children become their main client…LOL!

At my county library, here in Cuyahoga County… you have to register for these summer camps and space is very limited.  The registration period begins on May 14, 2014 @ 9am!!!   I post this information because if you start looking to register your child(ren) for camps @ 10am…you are likely to be shut out of many.  So do your research now…many camps have age restrictions.  There are several camps which are repeated at different branch locations and at different dates!!!!

IMAG00173   So far, I have found 17 different camps that my girls would love!!  Now there are many different camps out there that are just as engaging, but with many of them running at $200+ per child…..these ones that are offered are just as engaging and promote educational growth……and they are FREE!!!!!

I know many of my followers do not live within the wonderful confines of Cuyahoga County…here in Ohio.  I did manage to search out a few county libraries in Salt Lake City, Utah and in San Diego, CA and where I did not find free summer camps I did find some interesting FREE programs that you might want to take advantage of. I am going to post about those tomorrow, stay tuned!




Just Putting It Out There….Paid Cleveland Clinic Summer Internship for Kids!!!!

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic (Photo credit: Valerie27)


Cleveland ClinicSo…remember how I blogged about the FREE summer camps hosted by  SEMAA/NASA at TRI-C  (Cuyahoga Community College)?  SEMAA is NASA’s Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy.


Well,  I just received an awesome email from the Director, Lori Scott.  This summer Cleveland Clinic is offering PAID summer internships for students in grades 8th-11th who are passionate about science, math, the arts or innovation.  Or  are they interested in a career in the healthcare?


The student will not only gain invaluable experience in the health field but they could also earn college credits.


 For more information on the eligibility criteria, the available internships and the application process, deadlines etc., visit:  http://CivicEducation.clevelandclic.org






Just Putting It Out There….Small Business Satuday


Do you have that one place where you go, when your feeling depressed or overwhelmed with life, and it instantly gives you a pick me up?  For me, it is a quaint little coffee/tea shop that serves amazing feel good foods and specialty coffees and teas, that make Starbucks taste like Sanka!  It is called Brielle’s, 6523 Brecksville Rd, Independence, Oh 44131.

The tables are draped with vintage lace table clothes and some of the seating are benches recycled from an old church!  You are not only able to enjoy a delicious meal but you can also purchase stationary.  How about a one of a kind gift for a dear friend?

Image      Brielle's Coffee and Tea Room - Independence, OH

Which brings me to the entire reason for today’s post.  This weekend is the biggest holiday shopping weekend.  People are out and about in a frenzy trying to find the perfect gift at a deeply discounted price.

Black Friday and, increasingly, Thanksgiving night are for big-box retailers with thousands of stores, but this Saturday is …..  SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!!!!!

Small Business Saturday, a day set aside since 2010 between Black Friday and Cyber Monday to encourage shoppers to spend their holiday money at local mom-and-pop stores on clothing, jewelry, toys, accessories and other merchandise.

So while I know waking up at 11pm to stand in-line outside of Wal-Mart until 3am is appealing to some.  Don’t forgot about our  small businesses which are very much apart of our communities and provide a great alternative to our big box stores.

Photo: The Christmas Decorations for sale at Brielle's

Happy Frrreeeee Hunting!


Just Putting It Out There…..The RIPE Festival

Eat, Drink and Be Local!

Just as the corn is at its sweetest and the tomatoes at their juiciest, Cleveland’s RIPE! Fest No. 3 brings you a bounty of flavorful fare from nearby farms and restaurants. Your appreciation for locally sourced food surely will soar as you sink your teeth into that freshly picked carrot or hot-out-of-the-oven pumpkin pie.

RIPE! Fest also serves up a weekend full of live music by Northeast Ohio bands, a marketplace full of handmade goods by local merchants, workshops about cooking and gardening and a lively children’s activity area, including puppet shows, crafts and pedal-tractor rides.
RIPE! Fest is a  seasonal celebration suitable for all ages.
Although this is not a FREE event, the cost is fairly reasonable:
Saturday, September 21 – Sunday September 22
11am – Sundown
At-the-Door Tickets
$8/member adult; $5/member child
$13/non-member adult; $7/non-member child
Online advance registration is now closed, however tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

RIPE! Music line-up…..

Saturday, September 21

11:00 am – 1:30 pm – Silver String Band

2:00 – 5:00 pm – Tony Koussa, Jr. Band

5:30 – 7:30 pm – Oldboy

8:00 – 10:00 pm – Floor Walkers

Sunday, September 22

9:00 – 11:00 am (Pancake Flip-Off) – Gospel Wonders

11:00 am – 1:30 pm – Womack Family Band

2:00 – 4:30 pm – Brent Kirby

5:00 – 7:15 pm – Tony Koussa, Jr. Trio




Just Putting It Out There…….Indian Festival “One Day of Togetherness”

India Fest USA 2013

India Festival USA is an annual event that attempts to bridge cultures, generations and communities through one-day of togetherness. It is a day when visitors are encouraged to participate in a thematic display of the rich culture and diversity of two of the greatest nations on earth – India and USA. India Festival USA promises an immersive environment that salutes history, embraces globalization and celebrates communities,” states the official website.

This years theme is “Our Children Our Future”.  So here is an opportunity for all to support a culturally diverse event supported  by the City of Cleveland, the City of Independence and many of our local businesses.  So come out to support a day of oneness!  

This event is free and open to the public

Date and time:

September 14, 2013 from 11am-8pm


Independence Middle School which is located at 6111 Archwood Rd, Independence, OH 44131

Check out this video below to see what this event is all about……



Cleveland Metroparks……. Day 3 @ Carly’z Corner

I betcha didn’t know that you could take a FREE swing dance lesson at the Cleveland Metroparks!!!  On August 4, 2013, Look About Lodge is wrapping up it’s summer concert series with the Dan Zola Orchestra!

The orchestra features music from the 30’s and 40’s.  The event is FREE, but if you would like to give a $1 donation, it would be much appreciated.

Also, if you bring a white or light-colored t-shirt you can create a one of a kind silk screened t-shirt, commemorating their 75th Anniversary!

The concert begins at 6pm and runs thru until 8pm, but if you arrive at 5pm, you can participate in a FREE swing dance lesson!


Look About Lodge is located at 37374 Miles Rd, Bentleyville, OH at the South Chagrin Reservation of the Metropark system.  This link takes you directly to the Cleveland Metroparks website, where you can get directions to the South Chagrin Reservation.

So come on out and enjoy!

Happy Frreeee Hunting!