Travel Week – Day 1 @ Carly’z Corner

Do you love to travel,  meet new people and explore historic places?  Do you love vacationing but don’t always have the money to vacation how or where you want?

Well this week on Carly’z Corner, we are going to look at some tips on planning awesome vacations on a budget.

One cold, January day here in Ohio….I felt like I really needed to getaway to somewhere fun, warm with water and a place where my girls and I could just play. I had gotten a flyer in my junk mail…you know the ones….on the glossy coupon paper!  Well any who.  The flyer advertised this great deal for Splash Lagoon in Erie PA.  The flyer boasted of admission of 4 tickets into Splash Lagoon, a Splash Lagoon Logo towel, a Splash Lagoon Tote and 1 overnight hotel stay for $179.

Not  bad you say.  When I went to the website to investigate and book this getaway after the taxes and fees, it ended up being almost $280 for 1 overnight stay in a double bed hotel room at the Comfort Inn.

I am a single parent and money is hard to come by.  So when I need a “cabin fever” getaway I want to get the best that my money can buy.  So here is what I did.  Who needed a stupid towel and tote with the Splash Lagoon logo, right!  I explored their website a little further and discovered under the “coupon and promotions tab” that they have a special discount promotion everyday!


Tip:  If you can take a vacation on a weekday…you can get better deals…or at least include a weekday in your trip.

Now, I am not saying that the Comfort Inn is not a reputable place, but I only trust the Marriott hotel family.  I feel confident that I am going to leave the hotel with what I brought, nothing extra…like bedbugs or some new rash unknown to the human species…lol.

So I went to the Marriott hotel website and found that they have a Residence Inn in Erie PA.  I booked a 1 bedroom suite, which had a sofabed, a fireplace, a jacuzzi whirlpool tub (large enough for four) a full kitchen, free wifi internet, it was attached to Splash Lagoon all for……..(drum roll please)……….$99/night!

So I booked two nights for $219 total (taxes, fees included).  Erie PA from Cleveland is about an hour and half.  So it was a 1 tank trip.  We arrived in Erie on Saturday and left on Monday.  I took advantage of the Monday discount coupon….Mommy and Me…which cost me $59 with taxes (I paid 29.95 for my 11 year old, I got in FREE and paid $20 for my 7 year old….had I not used the coupon, it would have cost me $109.85 for the 3 of us before taxes)!

So we spent Saturday and Sunday exploring what Erie PA had to offer, meeting people and visiting some amazing places to eat and even had to chance to explore their Children’s Museum.  With a little extra effort you can turn a getaway into a vacation for a fraction of the cost!

Happy Frreeeee Hunting