Review of the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Flexball Razor @ Carly’z Corner

“To shave or not to shave…..that was my question”

As I bloomed into womanhood in my late teens (yeah I was a late bloomer!)  I started to develop thick coarse “excessive” body hair.  No one else in my family faced this because they didn’t have it.  So I attributed this gift to be from my European ancestry, on my dad’s side of my family :)….thanks!

It wasn’t until college that I decided to remove it, for hygienic as well as for cosmetic reasons.  I was met with little to no support!  And my mother, was downright offended!

So, it was through the process of trial and error that I discovered that shaving with a razor, yielded the best results, for me.

man shaving : young bald man grimacing breyas in the bathroom  Which brings me to whole reason that I am posting this review today.  I think that I have found the love of my life!!!!  You see, I prefer razors that are made for men, because they provide a cleaner and closer shave, they are sturdier and of an all around higher quality.

Over the weekend, I bought the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Flexball razor. (Wow! That’s a mouth-full!)  It normally retails for about $14, however, my “frugalness” would not allow me to pay that price.  I found it on sale at CVS for $8.99.  When I went to the Extracare card kiosk, it printed a $2 off coupon for the razor and I had earned $5 in extra bucks from my prescription program through CVS.  So my final price………was $1.99 plus tax!!!!!!

Okay, so on to the meat and potatoes.  The performance of this razor has given me the best shaving experience yet.  Have you ever had a razor where you could start shaving from your ankle and shave clean to the top of your leg?…..With one stroke?  Well with this one, I could.  This razor allowed me to remove the hair over broader areas of my legs with longer strokes, cleanly.  I wasn’t limited to short multiple strokes over smaller areas.  There were no nicks, no skin irritation and when I rinsed the razor, it rinsed completely clean after each stroke! Amazing!!!

man shaving : An image of a man who cuts himself shaving. Illustration

I know this is not the most intriguing topic, and not my usual topic of choice.  But, I am about helping people get on the frugal road to a better quality of life!  Besides, I couldn’t keep this to myself:)