Just Putting It Out There….Paid Cleveland Clinic Summer Internship for Kids!!!!

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic (Photo credit: Valerie27)


Cleveland ClinicSo…remember how I blogged about the FREE summer camps hosted by  SEMAA/NASA at TRI-C  (Cuyahoga Community College)?  SEMAA is NASA’s Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy.


Well,  I just received an awesome email from the Director, Lori Scott.  This summer Cleveland Clinic is offering PAID summer internships for students in grades 8th-11th who are passionate about science, math, the arts or innovation.  Or  are they interested in a career in the healthcare?


The student will not only gain invaluable experience in the health field but they could also earn college credits.


 For more information on the eligibility criteria, the available internships and the application process, deadlines etc., visit:  http://CivicEducation.clevelandclic.org