Just Putting It out There…..Free Music @ Porchfest 2014!

This is an awesome community gathering  and display of some of the local musical talent that Cleveland and Northeast Ohio has to offer. And it is FREE to the public!

There will be 30 bands playing on 30 porches in the historic community of Larchmere in Cleveland.  The music styles of the bands have such a variety from Reggae, to classical and from Celtic and folk to Rock.

Porchfest will be held this Saturday June 21 2014 from 1pm-10pm. Please check out their website www.larchmereporchfest.org for more information.  They have done something really amazing with their site…each artist has a sampling of their music linked so you can decide on which bands you would like take in and enjoy!

Cleveland is not the only place that has Porchfest!  I Googled “Porchfest” and  found Somerville Massachusetts, Kansas City Missouri, Ithaca New York,Stuart Virginia, Cranbury New Jersey, Westhaven Connecticut, and Tucson Arizona all host a Porchfest in their communities.

So get out and enjoy!

Happy Frrreeeee Hunting!


Just Putting It Out There….Free Music Concerts @ the New Edgewater Park

I lived most of my childhood in Rhode Island surrounded by beautiful beaches,  scenery that would make you cry and amazing ocean views.  Like many, I have come to have a strong connection with the soothing sounds of the rolling tides and the calming effect of the wide open water views.

When I returned to Cleveland as a preteen I visited Edgewater Park and was very disappointed.  The beach area was riddled with trash and the sand was laden with rocks and sticks.  It did not feel like a beach.

 However, that is not the case any longer!

On June 6, 2013  Cleveland Metroparks signed a historic long-term lease agreement with the City of Cleveland and the State of Ohio that transfers management of six lakefront parks to the Park District, adding another gem to the “Emerald Necklace” and encircling Greater Cleveland with parklands, which includes Edgewater Park and beach lakefront!

Edgewater Park Bathhouse circa 1927

A little history on Edgewater Park…..The grounds for Edgewater Park were purchased by the City of Cleveland in 1894 and have provided popular recreational spaces for Cleveland residents since its opening the following year.  Since the second half of the 20th century, however, Cleveland’s park department was faced with juggling depleting resources and the problems of general upkeep, pollution, and security for the public grounds. Unable to keep up its park lands, the City of Cleveland leased Edgewater Park to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for fifty years in 1978. While maintaining its identity as Edgewater Park, the park is now joined along with five other public spaces to make up the Cleveland Lakefront State Park.

The New and Improved…..

  ” To facilitate the transfer, the State of Ohio first had to agree to terminate the lease it had with the City of Cleveland to manage the parks. The agreement included $14 million from the state’s transportation and public safety budget to pay for lakefront park improvements. Cleveland City Council then voted unanimously to transfer management of the parks to Cleveland Metroparks in a new lease agreement.   The final agreement gives the Park District a 99-year lease on the 14 miles of lakefront property at a cost of $1 a year, and three years to spend the $14 million in state funds on park improvements.” – The Metroparks website

New waterfront green space

As a way to introduce the new and improved  Edgewater Park Lakefront renovation to the community, every Thursday, from June 12th until August 14th the Metroparks is hosting “Edgewater Live”.  From 5:30pm to 8:30pm their will be live music, food trucks and happy hour :)!

Check out the link above to find out more information on which bands and restaurants will be featured at this awesome event!  So bring a blanket, lawn chair…friends and family and come out an enjoy Cleveland!

Happy  Frrreeeee Hunting!

Just Putting It Out There….25th Annual Parade the Circle @ Carly’z Corner


Parade the Circle has been an event that my daughters and I will not miss! It is a fun family event filled with color, creative activities and some of the most imaginative displays of artistry.  There is live music and great food.  If you are visiting Cleveland or looking for something FREE to do this weekend, it is a must see!!!


The first Parade the Circle burst forth onto Jeptha Drive and up the hill to Wade Oval in 1990 as a trial run for the Cleveland Museum of Art’s 75th anniversary in 1991. That first circuitous trek was made by a small but enthusiastic band of some 125 paraders and witnessed by a mere few hundred more. Nonetheless, the seed was sown, and for the celebration of the museum’s anniversary the following year, the number of paraders increased five-fold, showing off before a crowd of 10,000. It was clear that what the museum first imagined as an event solely to celebrate a milestone anniversary was going to become a mainstay of its commitment to community engagement.

Twenty-five years later, Parade the Circle features around 100 ensembles representing 80 schools, churches, and community groups, parading together with professional artists and area families: about 1,500 participants drawing a crowd of more than 75,000. While today’s parade features more sophisticated techniques and materials, the joy of sharing the individual creative visions of area residents, as well as artists local and global, remains unchanged.

This exhibition celebrates Parade the Circle’s 25-year history by showcasing works by artists and community members who have brought their memorable visions to life throughout the years.” (reprinted from The Cleveland Museum of Arts website)








Just Putting It Out There….FREE Music for the month of June @ Carly’z Corner

University Circle

WOW! Wade Oval Wednesdays

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame isn’t in Cleveland, Ohio for no reason!!  With summer hot on our heels, the music scene in Cleveland is heating up.    I just wanted to take this month to blog about all the great FREE music concerts and festivals that are going on in some of our communities.

I first wanted to blog about one of my favorite FREE music concert series….WOW! Wade Oval Wednesdays….love this!!!

This series starts this Wednesday on June 11th and runs til August 27th from 6p-9p.  University Circle, Inc.  has included something for everyone in this series.  The selection of music ranges from Reggae, and folk to Classical  (this is for you Joycie…..) and Swing Band.

wow12.jpg                    95168976dp120815uci03.jpg

You can bring your family, friends or that special someone.  Bring a blanket and your picnic basket, or a lawn chair and grab a bite to eat from some amazing eateries representing a taste of what Cleveland has to offer!  There are bounce houses for the kids, or bring a frisbee or a soccer ball and enjoy!!  You can even stay after the concert and enjoy a free movie!


 Check out their website for more detailed information…(which I have provided a link to above). Here is a listing of all the bands for the entire series:

2014 WOW! Schedule

June 11
Coast to Coast – Motown/R&B/Dance Music

June 18
No Name Band – Music from the 60’s, 70’s and Beyond

June 25
Mary’s Lane – Irish Americana

July 2
Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band – Reggae

July 9
Nick Tolford & Company – Rock & Roll Soul Band
Movie Night:  Frozen

July 16
After Thought & The Nu Soul Band – Dance/Party Music

July 23
Jah Messenger Reggae Band – Reggae

July 30
Son Gitano – Latin/Salsa/Rumba

August 6
Red Light Roxy – Swing/ Big Band

August 13
The Cleveland Bluegrass Orchestra – Classical Blue Grass and fun Classical Music
Performed by members of the Cleveland Orchestra
Movie Night: Draft Day (Subject to change) 

August 20
Wild Horses – Rock & Roll Dance Music

August 27
Hey Mavis – Appalachian Americana




Just Putting It Out There….Two days of FREE Jazz….Compliments of the Cleveland Foundation

Okay….so remember how I blogged about the Centennial celebration that the Cleveland Foundation was hosting????

You don’t remember…… how I blogged about how the Cleveland Foundation wants to celebrate 100 years of service to Cleveland by giving the people of Cleveland a free gift each month for the entire 2014 year!

My girls and I took advantage of the Cleveland Foundation May gift….”a free day at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens“!!!  THE LEGO SCULPTURES….WERE AMAZING!




On April 7, 2014 The Cleveland Foundation gifted to fellow Clevelanders, a free TRI-C Jazz Concert featuring, Gregory Porter on June 26th. (Which I did secure one of the free tickets for…..)


However, the free gift for this month…….(drum roll please…..) is 2 FREE days at the TRI-C Jazz Festival!!!!  Tri-C JazzFest runs June 26-28 at PlayhouseSquare. Details on ticketed concerts, with seats ranging in price from $22.50 to $65, can be found at www.tri-c.edu/JazzFest.

When my daughter and I attended one of the concerts, our tickets were $46 each!!

Please do not pass up this FREE opportunity…..No tickets will be required for the Friday and Saturday outdoor concerts June 27 and 28. The performances will start at 3 p.m. and run until midnight each day on U.S. Bank Plaza, located at E.14th Street and Euclid Avenue.


Just Putting It Out There…..Maple Sugaring Festival

Are you looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day! What better way, than showing  our appreciation for something amazing and sweet that the Earth provides for us…..Maple Syrup!!!!

Maple syrup was first collected and used by the indigenous peoples of North America. The practice was adopted by European settlers, who gradually refined production methods.  The Canadian province of Quebec is by far the largest producer, responsible for about three-quarters of the world’s output. Vermont is the largest producer in the United States, generating about 5.5 percent of the global supply-“Wikipedia“.

Did you know that Ohio is a large producer of  Maple syrup?  Ohio doesn’t have the sweet reputation of, say, Vermont, but it’s still one of the leading producers of maple syrup.  Few promises of the coming spring are as sweet as that of maple syrup.  And Ohio is one of the few places that can make that promise.

Maple syrup is produced in North America, and only in the northeastern and Great Lakes regions, where conditions are perfect for turning the sap of sugar maple trees into golden deliciousness-(Columbus, Dispatch)

“The Maple Festival was founded in 1926 in an attempt to market Ohio syrup in competition with Vermont syrup. The Geauga County News announced that Chardon was “Going to treat the general public to a good old fashioned maple sugar eat.” The Even featured free dishes of maple syrup, a sugar camp, tapped trees, and ox team gathering sap, and a maple products display. Festival Planners expected 5,000 vistors and worried over the April ice storm. Over 15,000 people attended, and now the festival is an annual tradition.-Geauga County, Maple Festival Official Website”

The 85th Annual Maple Festival begins today!

  April 24-27th

This annual event is FREE to the public and the only cost is for the rides given for family enjoyment, listed below:

Maple Festival Ride Info

Premium Events Lisko Amusements

Wristbands and individual ticket sales are available every day.

The cost for a wristband is:

• Thursday $15: 4pm to 10pm.
• Friday / Saturday: $15: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and then $15: 4 p.m. to 11pm.
• Sunday: $20: 11 a.m. to 7pm.

Individual Tickets are sold for $1 each and are valid every day

From the ‘Sheetz Plaza’ to the Square
Saturday – 9am to 9pm and Sunday – 9am to 6pm

Maple Festival Schedule of Events : 2014
    **Schedule is Weather Permitting**  
  12:00 PM Official Opening Of Concessions Chardon Square
  4:00 PM Rides Open Chardon Square
  7:00 PM Barbershop Quartet & Cowboy Poetry Preston Superstore Stage
  10:00 PM Festival Closed  
  8:00 AM Pancakes In The Park
Pancake Tent on Chardon Square
  10:00 AM Rides And Concessions Open Chardon Square
  10:00 AM Loretta Mae Holmes Maple Celebration  
  1:00 PM Paul Kovac And Friends
Pancake Tent on Chardon Square
  7:00 PM Big In Japan Preston Superstore Stage
  11:00 PM Festival Closed  
  8:00 AM Pancakes In The Park
Pancake Tent on Chardon Square
  10:00 AM Rides And Concessions Open Chardon Square
  10:00 AM Arts & Crafts Show Park Elementary School
  10:00 AM Invitational Lumberjack Competition North end of Chardon Square
  11:00 AM Swifty The Clown Roaming Entertainment
  11:00 AM Kiddie Tractor Pull
Main Street/Preston Superstore Stage
  11:00 AM Jasmine Dragons
Main Street/Preston Superstore Stage
  1:00 PM Chardon Polka Band Preston Superstore Stage
  3:00 PM
Grand Parade Grand Marshal: Aggie Sojka Sperry
Chardon Square
  4:00 PM
Introduction Of Visiting Queens & Dignitaries
Preston Superstore Stage
  5:00 PM Pancake Eating Contest Preston Superstore Stage
  7:00 PM Karaoke Contest Preston Superstore Stage
  11:00 PM Festival Closed  
  8:00 AM Pancakes In The Park
Pancake Tent on Chardon Square
  8:00 AM One Mile Sap Run Chardon Square
  8:30 AM Five Mile Sap Run Chardon Square
  10:00 AM Tug ‘O War South end of Chardon Square
  11:00 AM Rides And Concessions Open Chardon Square
  11:00 AM Arts & Crafts Show Park Elementary School
  11:00 AM Bathtub Races
Main Street/Preston Superstore Stage
  12:00 PM Invitational Lumberjack Competition/Finals North end of Chardon Square
  12:30 PM Maple Syrup Auction Preston Superstore Stage
  1:45 PM Photo Contest Winners Preston Superstore Stage
  2:30 PM Beard & Mustache Contest Preston Superstore Stage
  3:00 PM
Grand Parade – Grand Marshal: Jeff Tanchak
Chardon Square
  4:30 PM Introduction Of Queens & Dignitaries Preston Superstore Stage
  7:00 PM
Festival Ends, See You On April 23rd, 2015!