Just Putting It Out There….National Free Coffee Day!

Carly'z Corner

McDonald's Coffee, McCafe

I know plenty of people who will only drink the coffee that McDonald’soffers.  So, imagine the joy that they expressed when they found out that from Today, September 29, 2014 is National Free Coffee Day , McDonald’s is offering a FREE small cup of coffee.  (Only served during breakfast hours)

Although McDonald’s coffee is not my favorite.  Frankly, if it is FREE….hmmm…I am not letting that opportunity pass me by!!!!

I am partial to Dunkin Donuts
, which is also participating with free coffee today! At their last free coffee event  I had the Iced Coffee with the Cookie Dough Flavoring….and ooooohhhh, was it good!

See, this is how they get you! They sucker you in and give you something free and they’ve got you…hook, line and sinker.  I am convinced, that this, is the process that leads to addiction!!!!

Happy  Frrreeeee Hunting!!!


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