Beautiful Cleveland Weather…..Sunrise or Sunset?

July 24, 2014 @ 6:04am, sunrise over Garfield Heights, Ohio

by Carlita Miller

I arose the morning of July 24th to get my daughters and myself packed to head to Detroit, Michigan for a 3 day spiritual journey.  This beautiful sunrise is what I awoke to!

I know many people believe that God does not exist and that we came into existence by chance or just evolved into a higher intelligent life form.  But have you ever wondered why the sunrise and sunset are in color? Why color, and not hues of gray?  Why are our eyes made to see color?  When you look upon this photo think about the emotions that it evokes within you….what do you feel?  Joy…..peace…..a deep sense of appreciation for having the privilege to take in such beauty?

Do you think that those emotions are evoked just by chance? It seems not….it seems to me that when our eyes rest upon such beauty the outcome for each of us is very similar and very……… intentional.



3 thoughts on “Beautiful Cleveland Weather…..Sunrise or Sunset?

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