Single Parent, Date the kid

I think that this is the greatest idea! I spent quality time with my girls all the time, but I never thought of it as “dating”. How cute! And necessary!

Q Loves Detroit

Speaking from experience, I’ve learned that dating as a single parent can be frustrating, empty and weird. You’re not just meeting someone to benefit you but there’s a child involved which takes your standards to a whole other level. But while you’re out there looking for someone to add to your family don’t forget to date the kid. Taking your child/children out for the one on one fun dates not only brings you closer together but let’s your child/children know they’re still important in your life.

The kid and I love hanging out ever since he was a baby, I’ve made sure to take him somewhere or do something with him. It allows me to teach him more about the world and being social and it allows him to spend time with mom and break the bank. Not all of our dates require money and those are the times that…

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