Corner Phase

I really like this….thanks for the up-building thoughts.

Circle Square Community

Corner Phase of Life


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Hi I’m De Derrick, and I would like to take this time to Share with you this:

I wrote, these lonely words to encourage myself and to encourage some one else I a time of need sitting in the Garden.

I Love to write in The Plaza Square…the center of The Circle Square where all things happen.

I’m going on my 2nd here @  Piquette Square, and I feel that this is the best of the best… in living conditions that I ever had since my birth place at home with Ma & Dad.

 I’m looking forward to the 3rd…who know’s what, can happen when Life is Happy in the Garden!

I’m in your corner… with all the love and infection that you will ever need, the air you breathe, green grass, birds of the air, bugs, tree’s flower’s insects; in general all of God’s Creation is…

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