Just Putting It Out There…..Free summer camp for kids!


Cuyahoga County - Public Library

It’s that time of year again!  And we parents, are asking ourselves…”What to do with our children for the summer?”

We want them enjoy fun and memorable activities.   We want those activities to be educational but also engage them.   And if possible, we would like those activities to be FREE!

So I have begun the hunt!  One of the first places I go to is my county library! They offer a host of services and activities throughout the year for children, but especially in the summer, when children become their main client…LOL!

At my county library, here in Cuyahoga County… you have to register for these summer camps and space is very limited.  The registration period begins on May 14, 2014 @ 9am!!!   I post this information because if you start looking to register your child(ren) for camps @ 10am…you are likely to be shut out of many.  So do your research now…many camps have age restrictions.  There are several camps which are repeated at different branch locations and at different dates!!!!

IMAG00173   So far, I have found 17 different camps that my girls would love!!  Now there are many different camps out there that are just as engaging, but with many of them running at $200+ per child…..these ones that are offered are just as engaging and promote educational growth……and they are FREE!!!!!

I know many of my followers do not live within the wonderful confines of Cuyahoga County…here in Ohio.  I did manage to search out a few county libraries in Salt Lake City, Utah and in San Diego, CA and where I did not find free summer camps I did find some interesting FREE programs that you might want to take advantage of. I am going to post about those tomorrow, stay tuned!




Hey! What have you enjoyed for FREE?

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