Just Putting it Out There…Volunteerism=Satisfaction=FREE

Many people volunteer their time and energy as a way to give back to the community that they have received great support and benefits from.  Volunteerism, really has no limits!  It doesn’t matter whether your passionate about animals, music, children, education, or the visual arts. There is an organization or grass roots entity which could use your selfless acts of giving.

But since you know I am all about the FREE!  I wanted to bring to light another added benefit that Volunteerism brings!  A fellow “Pinner” pinned information about an event that is dear to her heart that she wouldn’t be able to attend this year….“The Sandestin Wine Festival”.  This wine festival is held annually in Baytowne Wharf…Destin, Florida.  This is a 3 day festival that runs from April 11-13, 2014.

About Us

I wanted to highlight this from the website:


“Be part of the action! Volunteers are needed for the 28th Annual Sandestin Wine Festival.

The Sandestin Wine Festival partners with local non-profit organizations and donates a part of the festival proceeds to them. There are an assortment of times and positions available for individuals interested in volunteering.

Each volunteer will be required to attend a meeting prior to the festival and will be given a t-shirt to wear during their assigned shift. Volunteers will be given a complimentary ticket for the day that they are not working.”

Normally, to attend the festival each day, it would cost you $15/day or $45 per person to attend the event for all three days.  However,  just for giving of a little of your time, you will be able to attend the festival for two days…..(the day you volunteer and the day of your complimentary ticket!)  Now instead of $45 for all three days…you can attend all three for $15!!!!

 So check out the opportunities to volunteer in your local community, the rewards are of great personal benefit!



Hey! What have you enjoyed for FREE?

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