Just Putting It Out There…..FREE Chinese Classes for kids!

Do you remember when learning another language was a requirement in school?  I sat through countless hours of rehearsing Spanish words and trying to formulate sentences with Senor Jorge.


It has been widely studied that when you’re in your formidable adolescent years your mind is better equipped to learn a second language. (You know, before the “drama” years of puberty set in or before you get so old, cobwebs have formed on your brain!)

But many of our children are not being given the opportunity to learn another language.  Perhaps the school they attend, do not have the resources or they can not find a certified instructor to teach a second language.

But, leave it up to Carly…to find a FREE program!!!!  


My daughters, just finished an 8 week course at the Cuyahoga County Library in Chinese!!!  It was called “Open the Door to China“!  My girls loved it and loved their instructor.  It was only open to children who were in grades 1-4.  But I have a 7 and 12-year-old.  I signed up both anyways and because only 6 people signed up and the library allotted for 10….my 12 year old was able to attend as well!


The class was held just for 1 hour,  between 5-6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings!!  We attended the session at the Brooklyn Branch but I heard that there is another class being held at the Solon, Ohio branch.  

So check out www.cuyahogalibrary.org or stop into your local branch, the librarians are so helpful!


Happy Frreeeeee Hunting!


Hey! What have you enjoyed for FREE?

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