Just Putting It Out There…..Pleasantly Surprised!

Sprint used to be my cell phone carrier for 8 years.  I only had unlimited talk and text with them and my bill was over $100/per month!!!  You know how the cell phone phase was in and it was normal to pay that amount as you saw it as a luxury.  

It is sometimes funny how circumstance forces you into change…and that change turns out to be the best thing for you!  When I found myself living on a substantially reduced budget, opting to pay one phone bill,  I kicked my land-line carrier to the curb as I realized that having a cell phone wasn’t a luxury but now a necessity.  Since we live in this fast paced “I needed to talk to you yesterday” world!  But for me, that necessity wasn’t worth $100/month.

I tried the no-contract pay month to month phone service.  But I really suck at keeping track of bill due dates.  More importantly…I wasn’t sure about how much talking and texting I did each month, so I never bought enough minutes.

One day while just browsing the clearance section of one of my favorite drugstores, WALGREENS.  I found a phone for $27 (and since I am not a fancy person and  am sooo over the need to impress), the price was right up my alley.

So Boostmobile was on the case…and I had never heard of them.  So before I purchased the phone, I did some research.

So check this out,  I was paying SPRINT  just for unlimited talk and text at $100 plus tax and fees a pop each month….right! Now for unlimited nationwide talk, text, email, web and 411 service the cost was $50 per month with BOOSTMOBILE!

That isn’t all….as part of their unlimited plans, if you pay consecutively for 6 months in a row…..your bill is reduced by $5.  They call it “SHRINKING PAYMENTS”.  That may not seem like a lot but I have been with them for 18 months and my bill is $35 plus tax per month!!!!  I don’t know about you, but I can spend that $65 somewhere else!!!

Now if your anything like me, your mind, every month, is going ….”light bill, gas bill, car insurance, credit card bill….what day are they due?”   BOOSTMOBILE has Auto Re-Boost to ensure on-time payments, where your monthly payment amount will be automatically deducted from your credit or debit card on your monthly payment date.

Missed a payment? If you miss a payment you don’t have to start over. The on-time payments made to the account will still be credited towards your next savings milestone.

I really love my phone service.  It is reliable, consistent…I upload pix from my phone…check email and even have it linked to my GMAIL calender….to help me keep track of my busy schedule.  It’s not a smart phone, but it’s smart enough for me. But if you into that, they have those too!

And can you say….cherry on top of the cake….I just got a FREE month of service from them!!!! How awesome is that!

Sooooo……. Happy Frreeeeee Hunting!