Just Putting It Out There….Small Business Satuday


Do you have that one place where you go, when your feeling depressed or overwhelmed with life, and it instantly gives you a pick me up?  For me, it is a quaint little coffee/tea shop that serves amazing feel good foods and specialty coffees and teas, that make Starbucks taste like Sanka!  It is called Brielle’s, 6523 Brecksville Rd, Independence, Oh 44131.

The tables are draped with vintage lace table clothes and some of the seating are benches recycled from an old church!  You are not only able to enjoy a delicious meal but you can also purchase stationary.  How about a one of a kind gift for a dear friend?

Image      Brielle's Coffee and Tea Room - Independence, OH

Which brings me to the entire reason for today’s post.  This weekend is the biggest holiday shopping weekend.  People are out and about in a frenzy trying to find the perfect gift at a deeply discounted price.

Black Friday and, increasingly, Thanksgiving night are for big-box retailers with thousands of stores, but this Saturday is …..  SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!!!!!

Small Business Saturday, a day set aside since 2010 between Black Friday and Cyber Monday to encourage shoppers to spend their holiday money at local mom-and-pop stores on clothing, jewelry, toys, accessories and other merchandise.

So while I know waking up at 11pm to stand in-line outside of Wal-Mart until 3am is appealing to some.  Don’t forgot about our  small businesses which are very much apart of our communities and provide a great alternative to our big box stores.

Photo: The Christmas Decorations for sale at Brielle's

Happy Frrreeeee Hunting!



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