Just Putting It Out There – “America Recycles Day” @ Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

  The Metroparks have shown us why they are of great value to the communities that they are apart of.  Today from  10am – 4pm, they are hosting “America Recycles Day“!

The new baby porcupine @ Cleveland Metroparks Zoo….oh, just look at that face 🙂

You see, our Metroparks are going green!  Today,  if visitors bring in a recyclable item they will give one free admission for each paid admission.

‘So that means….. adult admission (age 12+) is $9 and junior admission (age 2-11) is $6…..so for a family of four your cost could be cut in half…instead of paying $30 you pay $15……yeah!

The Zoo will be accepting the following items for recycling on November 9:

  • CELL PHONES AND ACCESSORIES – Rechargeable Batteries only
There will be activities and games, fun for the entire family.  And don’t forget to visit the new editions to our zoo family, like the new baby porcupine in the RainForest.
If you have any pictures or experiences with your zoo adventures, please share in the comments section and feel free to take this poll on your favorite animals….
Happy Frrreeeee  Hunting!

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