Update on Stargazing Week Finale @ Carly’z Corner….

I pride myself on providing accurate and easy to research information on my blog.  So I received a response back from the public relations representative at the Astronomy Society of Harrisburg and I have to update my blog:

Every year, Cherry Springs State Park hosts the “STAR PARTY”!  This event is sponsored by the Astronomical Society of Harrisburg. This is a pre-registered event.  Unless you are just attending the evening stargazing (which is FREE)!  It is held on the Astronomy Field of the park and you must be registered to attend for all activities except the public viewing night. There will be no public programming by park staff during this event.

The fee is only required if you are an active, participating astronomer, who will be staying overnight on the field or you would like to attend the daily lectures.

They do open up to the public on Saturday evening if the weather is conducive (the last night of the party).   There is no fee for the public and anyone is free to walk around and look through the various telescopes we have set up and to ask questions.    You will find astronomers to be very open to talking about the hobby and showing you many celestial sights you may have never seen.

Many families that come to the party bring campers and bikes and there is hiking and ATV trails in the area.   Also, the website for the star party does list some things to do and area attractions.

The website is www.cherrysprings.org and will be held  June 26-29, 2014.    The website will likely start accepting reservations in January.


Cherry Springs State Park is located at:

  • 4639 Cherry Springs Rd, Coudersport, PA 16915
    Phone:(814) 435-5010

Cherry Springs Star Party – 2014!

Happy  Frrreeeee Hunting!


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