Just Putting It Out There…….Indian Festival “One Day of Togetherness”

India Fest USA 2013

India Festival USA is an annual event that attempts to bridge cultures, generations and communities through one-day of togetherness. It is a day when visitors are encouraged to participate in a thematic display of the rich culture and diversity of two of the greatest nations on earth – India and USA. India Festival USA promises an immersive environment that salutes history, embraces globalization and celebrates communities,” states the official website.

This years theme is “Our Children Our Future”.  So here is an opportunity for all to support a culturally diverse event supported  by the City of Cleveland, the City of Independence and many of our local businesses.  So come out to support a day of oneness!  

This event is free and open to the public

Date and time:

September 14, 2013 from 11am-8pm


Independence Middle School which is located at 6111 Archwood Rd, Independence, OH 44131

Check out this video below to see what this event is all about……




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