Just Putting It Out There……

EarthSky’s meteor shower


I , like many are fascinated by the universe, the stars, the milky way and the heavenly bodies that are so perfectly hanging like diamonds on a black velvet cloak.

What a great year it has been for the Perseids! The week leading up to the peak of the meteor shower featured many, many wonderful meteor sightings, according to EarthSky friends on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter (@earthskyscience). The shower’s peak came on the mornings of August 11-13. There are really two meteor showers that converge in late July to early August. One is the Delta Aquarid shower, which has a nominal peak in late July but actually rambles along pretty steadily from late July through mid-August. The other is the famous Perseid meteor shower, which always peaks around August 12. Do keep watching until at least mid-August. You might still see some meteors! Next up: Draconid meteor shower in early October.

So if you can stay up, or rise early in the morning maybe you can catch a glimpse or even hear these meteors as they pass through our atmosphere!

Stay tuned next week…as “Stargazing” will be the highlighted topic at Carly’z Corner.


Happy Frreeee  Hunting!


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