Frugalicious Week….Finale @ Carly’z Corner

Now that Frugalicious week is coming to its end :(…I thought that we would go over ESTATE SALE vs GARAGE SALE.


“An estate sale or estate liquidation is a sale or auction to dispose of a substantial portion of the materials owned by a person who is recently deceased or who must dispose of his or her personal property to facilitate a move.” – Wikipedia.

The survivors of the deceased person may have no interest in the bulk of the personal belongings left, or may simply lack space to keep the belongings. In situations where the survivors cannot agree to the disposition of tangible property, a court may order the goods to be sold in an estate sale with the proceeds to be divided among the survivors. Such a sale and division may also be mandated in the will of the deceased.

garage sale, also known as a yard salerummage saletag salelawn saleattic salemoving salegarbage salethrift sale or junk sale, is an informal, irregularly scheduled event for the sale of used goods by private individuals. Typically the goods in a garage sale are unwanted items from the household with the home owners conducting the sale. The goods are sometimes new, like-new, or just usable.

So your everyday garage sale is quite different from your estate sale.  With an estate sale, the person conducting the sale, usually toward the final days of the event, can be highly motivated to sale the items.  If you are patient, the final day of the estate sale may be 50% off of everything that is leftover!

Remember to use your thrifty etiquette…..everything is negotiable, carry small bills (preferably $1 bills or change) and you will find that you have saved hundreds of dollars!

So I really hope that this week really motivated you to go out and search out some of these great thrifty places and get some great deals.  Use the tips listed and you will not be intimated and just think… are going green and recycling!!! Remember, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure :)…!


Happy Frrrreeee Hunting!



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