Frugalicious Week ……Day 2 @ Carly’z Corner

I know that second-hand or goodwill shopping is not for everyone.  I recently started back to school shopping for my girls as they begin school….next week on August 12th! …… Whew! The summer went by so fast.

Well, I went to one of my favorite second-hand stores – Value World.  To show you the value of shopping second hand…let me tell you the items that I was able to purchase for $24.81:  5 school shirts, two plaid jumpers, 1 plaid skirt, 3 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of basketball shorts, two headbands, a doll and an outfit for the doll along with shoes!

My bill totaled $46.06…but using the 50% off coupon (that came in the flyer in my junk mail) my total was reduced to $23.03 plus $1.78 in tax.

Tell me where can you find deals like that! The plaid uniform jumpers alone at School Belles uniform store, are $30 each!

So please, do not sleep on second-hand stores …like Value World or Goodwill Industries because you can find great values that don’t break the bank!

Image08082013212101            Image08082013211358

Now it seems that Value World has multiple locations in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.  I have listed the addresses for the locations in Northeastern Ohio. However, if you go to their website you can look-up  locations in your neighborhood and save, save, save!

10964 Lorain Ave., Cleveland OH -located in Westown Square

6858 Pearl Rd., Middleburgh Hts.  – across from Southland Shopping Center

4639 Northfield Rd., North Randall OH – just south of Burger King

Happy Frreeeee Hunting!

PSST!  Goodwill Industries have locations across the country.  Both second-hand stores offer frequent shopper cards where you spend so much money and you are given a stamp.  Once the card is filled up, you can receive a discount off of your purchase.  I have two cards filled up for Value World and am able to get 50% off of my shopping total.  Yeah!!!


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