Frugalicious Week…..Day 1 @ Carly’z Corner

I get many compliments on how I adorn myself and my girls.  I know you remember, how I said that I am frugal!   Well when I tell people oh, I bought this from a second-hand store or from a garage sale, they’re surprised!   Many people exclaim that they would love to save money when shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories but they don’t know where to go.

This week on Carly’z Corner, I am going to give you the names and locations of a few places where I go to shop.  And you too,  could look like a million bucks for only…… $10.99!  LOL!  (Okay maybe, you won’t find a million dollar outfit, but I found a BCBG Casmere sweater for $5, when I well know that it likely sold for over $100 in the department store!)

So check out my posts this week as we find ways to cut costs on back to school clothes for the kids, find one of a kind items, tools, accessories for you or for your home……… at deep discounts!!!!  I even interviewed some of the best frugalista’s that I know to offer my readers with some extra tips on garage sale negotiations and etiquette.

First, set yourself a budget and stick to it.  But one tip that one of my frugalista’s shared with me and now I am passing it on to you…is never be afraid to negotiate!  But be reasonable and fair.  A chair that has a $25 price tag on it…do not offer $2 for it….a fair and reasonable offer….$15.  Think about your budget and what you need to find. If your budget allows you to spend $20 on the item…do not start negotiating at $20. You want to walk away feeling good about your purchase!

This weekend….on August 10, 2013…there are two great community Flea Markets being held.  Flea Markets are a great way to find multiple items whether they are for your home, tools, furniture or clothes. A one stop shop….. is what I call them!

2013 Annual Flea Market

August 10, 2013, Saturday 9am-4pm

Time for the Flea Market on Bedford Public Square! Buy or sell – See you there. A fun day with plenty of bargains for everyone. Enjoy a burger or hot dog and browse the aisles for a treasure. Rain or Shine.

Bedford Historic District Broadway (State RT 14). Easy parking.


OAKWOOD VILLAGE, Ohio — The flea market at Roseland Lanes is for people looking to find a good deal or make some extra cash.

The bowling alley hosted a flea market on August 10 and September 14. The flea market will take place in the parking lot at Roseland Lanes, located at 26383 Broadway Ave. in Oakwood Village, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on both dates.

Admission to the flea market is free for shoppers. Bowling costs $1 dollar per game during the event and hot dogs, soda and coffee will be sold for $1 dollar each.

People are invited to sell their stuff at the flea market and keep the profit. It costs $15 dollars per car or truck load to set up shop in the parking lot.

Proceeds from this event benefit Roseland Lanes’ Jr. Scholarship Program.

Stay tuned for some more frugal tips….

Happy Frrreeee Hunting!


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