Travel Week Finale……@ Carly’z Corner

I have always lived in a metropolitan city during my adult years.  I am a native Clevelander, but during my elementary years I spent 5 years in Rhode Island.



Three of those years were spent in rural Rhode Island in a small town called North Kingstown.  It was during the late 1970’s early 1980’s, and being one of the few children of color in my area I have to say that I had never felt more FREE.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I had my bouts with children of racist parents and teachers who tried to define me by the color of my skin.

I have to admit that I have experienced more racism here in Cleveland than I ever did in Rhode Island.  I could go where I wanted and not have fear (which mostly was into the woods with my best friend, Stephanie where we would play for hours and pretend we were princesses whose kingdoms were islands and land that ran for as far as the eye could see).  We traveled all around our community and were always welcomed to our neighbors home or to Mr. McCullough’s farm.


I guess I am saying this to direct us to look back in our past and find that time where life was simple and fun.  A time when things were carefree and not filled with anxiety.

Do you have it?  Can you picture it?

Now try to recreate it.  I don’t care what you have to do.  Literally, take a trip to that place….go back there and share it with your family, or a friend.  Go back to your childhood.  For some, maybe it wasn’t the best….then I say, create a new childhood, as an adult.

Run, play, jump, explore and discover….embrace your inner child and be FREE!  Now that is the best FREE thing that I can offer you and it is priceless.

Happy Frrreeee Hunting!



Hey! What have you enjoyed for FREE?

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