Travel Week…..continued….day 4 @ Carly’z Corner

Okay friends, fellow bloggers and followers…I am back and better than before….(kind of like the bionic woman…ha).  Saw my doctor yesterday and I have been given a green light.

Sorry about the hiatus, but I wanted to complete Travel Week, so here we go!

Today we are going to take a trip back in time….to a time where things were a little less complicated, a time where being “green” has always been “in”.  We are traveling to a place where making your own clothes, growing your own food is not only considered your profession but a way of life.

We are heading to Amish Country!  Almost every state has an Amish community…why not take your family or make it a trip for two to see a great place that is not costly or far from home.  Now here in Ohio the Amish boast of having the largest community in the world…some 35,000 people.


The Amish are of the Mennonite faith….’and shun most modern conveniences as this is an important religious consideration for them as they believe as Jesus Christ stated’ at John 17:16 “They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world” (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures).

‘Believing that they are to be separate from the world they have chosen to live a different lifestyle such as the wearing of plain homemade clothes, strong reliance on the church and their community, they reject television, radio, insurance and other things the rest of the world see as necessities.  The Amish lean heavily on the church community for help in time of need-financial crises, large medical bills, emotional and mental trauma, and last but not least, the hallmark of the Amish helping each other, barn raising.  These are all ways the Amish have of being obedient to the Biblical command of helping one’s neighbor’ (points paraphrased are from an excerpt from the brochure – World’s Largest Amish Community, Amish Country of Ohio).

So come and browse Amish Country as there is much to do. In Sugarcreek, there is Breitenbach Wine Cellars, and there is Cabin Creek Golf.  There are antique malls, cheese houses, furniture and quilt shops and a multitude of bakeries and restaurants.  You can even take a tour by horse and buggy or take a 1 hour train ride through Amish Country on the Ohio Central Railroad.

So make it a day trip, or stay overnight or even a few days!

I found a coupon at for half off the purchase price to explore Amish Heritage at the Schrock’s Amish Farm & Village.  This tour….includes an Amish buggy ride, Amish home tour & Farm train ride! (you can only purchase this deal online @

So enjoy!

Happy Frreeeee Hunting!




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