Just Putting it out there…..Clifton Arts and Musicfest


Cudell Improvement, Inc. founded the Clifton Arts & Musicfest and proudly presents it annually on Clifton Boulevard in the lakefront Cudell/Edgewater neighborhood on the northwest side of Cleveland.

The Clifton Arts and Musicfest was established as a unique celebration combining fine arts and live musical performances – a true street festival located in a very attractive and vibrant urban neighborhood setting.

There are many booths to explore from local area vendors.  Who sell everything from glass encased jellyfish to handmade soaps to noise making frogs.  You can create an original painting and hang it along the art wall for all to see.  There are many local restaurants who are showcasing their menu items for you to buy.  There may be sand sculptors and lots of music.

So if your looking for something fun and artsy and FREE, check out the Clifton Arts and Musicfest.

Happy Frreeeee Hunting!




Hey! What have you enjoyed for FREE?

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