Travel Week – Day 2 @ Carly’z Corner

Do you receive those little advertisement books with your junk mail? Like the “Gold Clipper” or “MaxValues“.  Do not be so quick to discard them because they actually can give you some great low-cost vacation deals.

Remember how I blogged about traveling during the week or at least include a weekday in your vacation because you can receive a better deal?….and how if you  go directly to the website of the attraction or place that you want to vacation you can find great deals? (You didn’t read that one, shame on you…LOL).

              Pictures are compliments of Pioneer Waterland’s website

Well that remains true. For example, in the MaxValues magazine, Issue 2 on page 15, there rests a great deal for Pioneer Waterland & Dry Fun Park located in Chardon, Ohio.  Sure you can clip the coupon posted on the page and pay $17.95 per person but why do that when you can go directly to Pioneer Waterland’s website and pay for internet tickets for $9.95 per person!!!  Regular admission into this amusement/water park is normally $19.95 per person, look how much you can save….no FREE but still nice on the wallet…yes!


Discount Tickets must be purchased at least one day prior to your visit and are not available for same day pickup.


Discount Tickets must be purchased at least one day prior to your visit and are not available for same day pickup.


1/2 Price MONDAY ONLY Tickets can only be purchased Tuesday through Saturday and are not available for purchase at the park.

The other magazine, “The Gold Clipper” also posts some great deals on their website:    This 4 Day/3 Night Trip for Two in Gatlinburg TN costs $99.


Look what you get for your money….

Smokey Mountain Getaways is offering up to 3 nights accommodation at the River Edge in downtown Gatlinburg.

Package Includes:
Welcome Packet
90-Minute VIP Preview of Smokey Mountain Getaways
2 Ober Gatlinburg Tram Passes
2 Bear Preserve tickets
2 Tickets to Hillside Winery Tour & tasting which includes a wine tasting for 2 at your choice of three area wineries.

This deal requires you to spend 90 minutes of your time previewing Smokey Mountain Getaways resort to see if you potentially could become a purchaser.  If you don’t like what it has to offer, then don’t buy.  But what a great deal for an anniversary getaway,  or to just leave the city behind and enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful part of our country……. for $99!!!!!  You have to give a little to get a lot!

So until tomorrow…..


Happy Frreeeeeee Hunting!


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