Travel Week – Take 2 @ Carly’z Corner

So I found this great article in the “Latinos Magazine”  in the May 2013 publication on page 16 under the Lifestyle section.  It talks in great detail about why vacations are a necessity to the health and well-being of not on families but for us as individuals as well.

The author starts the article by saying, “Sadly, more and more families are unable to take family vacations due to their busy schedules…Although, sometimes, we find it difficult, I strongly recommended that you set aside time, whether it be three days or three weeks, to schedule a summer vacation with your family.  We regularly find that when we do, we appreciate the untold number of benefits like enjoying each other’s company and having fun together.”

The author pointed out that a well planned trip is essential in order for everyone to have a fun vacation.  So start out as a family brainstorming ideas and planning activities.  Every family member has to be honest and also has to be open-minded to the opinions of the rest of the group.

Even if traveling includes the children, you want to have “kid friendly” activities planned.  However, keep a slot open to do something relaxing with the kids.  And don’t forget to plan something enjoyable for those big kids too (I am talking about us parents!)

A family vacation does not have to be far away from home.  Many families spend great summers never leaving their home state by taking advantages of mini-trips throughout their state!

The author concludes by stating, ” Taking a well-deserved summer vacation with our family (or friends) gives us the opportunity to forget about the pressures of work or running our household.  It’s absolutely vital for our personal well-being and that of our families that we take the time to relax and recharge in the way that a summer (or mini-vacations) allow us to do.”

So this week @ Carly’z Corner, we are going to focus on some ways to take a summer vacation or a mini-vacations at a very low cost.


Our 2012 Trip to Toronto and Montreal



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