Festival Week @ Carly’z Corner

Okay, this past week I was supposed to focus on low or discount vacation and travel deals.  I am going to push that theme to next week (sorry Kimberly)!

Remember how I told you guys, not to sleep on your local festivals….I am pushing travel/vacation week back because there are some awesome festivals coming up.

The first festival that I wanted to feature,  is one of the most creative, innovative expressions of artistry that I have had the privilege of witnessing  here in Cleveland…..Parade the Circle!

24th Parade the Circle and Circle Village

The 24th Annual Parade the circle is FREE and will be held this Saturday, June 8th, from 11am – 4pm.  The Parade, which begins at Noon, incorporates the drama and artistry of colorful floats, puppets, costumes, dancers, and musicians. For more information about the Parade, please visit ClevelandArt.org.  Circle Village invites visitors to Wade Oval for an afternoon of activities, live music, and delectable food.

IMAG0066      A picture of my girls

IMAG0071    One of the Jazz Ensembles


So if you have never attended the Parade the Circle, here is your chance!  You can purchase food from the vendors….. or you can bring your picnic basket, it’s up to you.   It is located in Wade Oval, behind the Botanical Garden and near the Natural History Museum.  Parking is pricey in the lots around Wade Oval and hard to find.  But I will let you in on my secret FREE parking place.  Just remember to save me a spot!

Off of Chester, on Ansel Rd (behind the Sight Center)  there is a temple and it has an open parking lot.  You can park there for FREE and there is plenty of parking , you just have to walk across e. 105th street and cross MLK Dr. to get to Wade Oval.

Happy Frreeeeee Hunting! 


90 thoughts on “Festival Week @ Carly’z Corner

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