My Review of Trader Joe’s $.50 Wine Tasting …yesterday

Charles Shaw wine displayed in a Trader Joe's ...

Charles Shaw wine displayed in a Trader Joe’s grocery market. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I attended the Trader Joe’s  $.50  (50 cent) wine tasting yesterday and had the best time!!! I learned yesterday that Trader Joe’s is a chain of over 400 stores across the country.  However, the 50 cent wine tasting was a special treat held for the customers who shop the Woodmere, OH store.

75% of the wines at Trader Joe’s are produced specially for this chain.  So you will not find many of these wines at any other store!

I tried to post the wine list along with the foods that were paired with them at the wine tasting, but it didn’t work for me.  We sampled 5 wines, 4 were white wines and were all Italian, 1 was a red from a grower in Lodi California.  All of the food could be purchased from Trader Joe’s.

*Prosecco Martellozza was paired with an Antipasto Mixto

*Venetian Moon Pinot Grigio was paired with a shrimp orzo salad

*TJ’s Coastal Syrah was paired with a beef tenderloin sandwich with wasabi   mayonnaise (amazing!)

*Honey Moon Viognier (pronounced ve-yon-yeah!) was paired with St. Andre Triple Cream Brie with a blueberry preserve served on  almondina biscotti (absolutely wonderful!)

*Incanto Rose was paired with Lemon Squares and French macaroons with raspberry and blackberry fruit

It was a wonderful fun event!  I had a great time, had great food and made some new friends!!!!

If you were not able to attend this one, do not fret. This first wine tasting kicked off the summer.  There will be more to come, and I will post them for you as I get more information.

Happy Frreeeee Hunting!


Wine-tasting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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