FYI – My Experience Yesterday

Hello followers and fellow bloggers,

I just wanted to write this kind of as, a FYI… on additional ways to get free admission into some other Cleveland attractions.

I took my daughters along with three others down to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum yesterday.  CMSD-Cleveland Metropolitan School District has teamed up with Rock Hall, and the Great Lakes Science Center to host the “Rock Your World STEAM Festival” which was free and open to the public.  So not only where we privileged to be entertained by and support the CMSD-All City School Choir, Dance Troops and Bands (all fulled from the immense pool of talented students of CMSD schools) but we also received free admission into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum and The Great Lakes Science Center.


So, I guess I am just trying to say,  is don’t sleep on these local area festivals as they are a great way to support your local communities but also a great way to earn some FREE stuff or access to places that could have come to you at a great cost.

Think about it this way, I had 3 adults with me and 3 children. Adult admission into the Rock and Roll Hall of  Fame is $22/person=$66, 2 children between 9-12 @ $13 each = $26 and 1 child under 8 = free (with adult admission) : $92 plus tax.  Now, the Great Lakes Science Center’s general admission is $14/per adult @3 = $42, 3 children ages 2-12 $12 each = $36…total $78 plus tax…… would have cost us $182.75…..WOW!  However, we enjoyed a great day at both for…..FRREEEEE!!!

Happy frrreeeee hunting!




4 thoughts on “FYI – My Experience Yesterday

    • I really appreciate your comment. I love finding FREE stuff and even more sharing it with others. My next step is to search for companies that I feature and others to advertise on my website. Need to get more followers and views. If you have any info on how to get more people to check out or follow my sight, I would greatly appreciate it. Oh…and stay tuned, I have some great free music venues to post this week. Thanks for the motivation.

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