Museum Week – Finale

Today is first time that you are taking little Johnny to visit the museum.  Your phone rings and you take your eyes off of little Johnny for one minute only to hear the tour guide sternly say “no touching the art!”  You turn to see little Johnny’s hand on the world renowned 16th Century painting of Mona Lisa created by Leonardo da Vinci.  Do you feel flushed as if you’re going to pass out?  Are you asked politely to leave?

Maybe, little Johnny’s first museum experience may not be best suited at the MOCA, Cleveland Museum of Art or even The Akron Art Museum.  There are museums created/designed with the child spirit in mind!  They encourage the visitor to touch and interact with the art……it is the CHILDREN’S Museum!

Here in Cleveland, we are privileged to have The Children’s Museum of Cleveland.  


The Children’s Museum of Cleveland was first established in 1981 by a coalition of parents, educators and civic leaders. Over the past two decades, the Museum has evolved from merely providing outreach programs and one traveling exhibit, to being known as the only cultural and educational resource completely dedicated to young children in the Cleveland area.

The Vision:

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland is to be “the” Northeast Ohio destination and resource for all young children, parents and caregivers to engage in fun, innovative, interactive play that accelerates the child’s creativity, development and education.

The Mission:

In line with community, market, and societal needs, The Children’s Museum of Cleveland is dedicated to providing unique, innovative, and impactful experiences, exhibits, and education programming, within and outside of the Museum, that will foster learning and development in all children ages birth-8; with a special emphasis on birth-5.

The museum’s admission rate is $7 per person with infants 11 months and under being free.  However, the museum has other special admission free days.  For example, this weekend is:

Armed Forces Weekend
Saturday, May 18 & Sunday, May 19
FREE admission for your immediate family with a military ID
“Cards for Troops” at Noon

 Recently, the museum offers free admission to the public on every first Monday of each month!!! Check the link above for more details.

I also just found out there are children’s museums all over the world.  I located a website for the Association of Children’s Museums which lists every children’s museum in the United States and around the world which participate in this association.  One great feature of this association is if you decide to become a member of any one of these children’s museums, you are able to use your membership at anyone of these museums in the world and receive a 50% discount on admission!!!!

Note:  The museum membership must be a premium membership showing the ACM Reciprocal Network logo, though.  Sadly, our Children’s Museum of Cleveland does not participate in this association.  However, I will be contacting the museum to see how we can become a participant!

Keep following my blog as next weeks theme will focus on all the FREE music events going on in and  around Northeast Ohio.

Happy FREEEEE hunting!




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