It’s Almost Summer, what to do with those kids?

I am updating this post for two reasons, the link for the Cuyahoga County library is incorrect (sorry moms) and I have information on another FREEEEEE summer camp!

Every summer NASA Glenn Research Center teams up with Cuyahoga Community College and hosts the SEMAA – Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy camp.  It is FREEEEEE! However, it is on a first come, first serve basis.  So I have added a link for the application on this blog.  Please follow the directions carefully, because one piece of incorrect or blank information can land your child’s application at the bottom of the pile!

Summer Application

Are you looking for summer camps for your children to attend? Would you like for them to attend “free” summer camps.  That’s right, I said FREE!  The Cuyahoga County library has free summer camps.  Just click on the link for more information about the times, dates and locations of these free camps.  Now at this time you can only preview, however on May 15, 2013, you have act fast to register your children for these slots because they fill up fast.

Tisha this is for you….lol.  Now when you go to the main page of the libraries website, at the top of the page their are several pages which help you navigate their site.  Select “events”.

Now you can type in the keyword section “summer camps” or they have links scrolling on the left side of the page and if you wait you will see a link for “summer camps”.  Just select this link and you are good to go.

Happy freeeee hunting!


12 thoughts on “It’s Almost Summer, what to do with those kids?

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    • Thanks for the info, Chris. I am going to definitely check out I hope, Music Week Day 2 wasn’t too much of information overload! Stay tuned, as this week I have some great free finds for music in Northeast Ohio. (PS if your an Ohioan!)

      Happy Frrreeeee Hunting!

    • You are very welcome. So even if you are not here in Northeast Ohio…many of the FREE or low cost things that I find and write about are in some form in every community. I will be in the near future, posting some interesting things in different communities. If you feel comfortable, providing me the city in which you live (doesn’t have to be an address, just the city and state), I can find some Free things for you, in your community.

    • Howdy Friend, if you are with WordPress…I found this info when I Googled “plugins”:
      Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. This article contains a list of plugins by category, and links to other plugin repositories. The core of WordPress is designed to be lean, to maximize flexibility and minimize code bloat. Plugins offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to their specific needs.
      For instructions and information on downloading, installing, upgrading, troubleshooting, and managing your WordPress Plugins, see Managing Plugins. If you want to develop your own plugin, there is a comprehensive list of resources in Plugin Resources.
      I have to say, that we have a pretty good group of bloggers on wordpress, that I think are honest folk and really appreciate what we each post. I haven’t had any issues yet with anyone stealing any one else’s work.

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